Virtual Activity Options

Updated: 5 days ago

Just because we can’t be with all of the ones that we love in person, doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to connect. There is FaceTime, chat, social media, text, phone calls, or even snail mail. A free Zoom account is how we'll be celebrating my son's 3rd birthday this weekend with our family and friends. Problems are just opportunities, right?

There are many hardships at the moment. This is a completely unprecedented time. Take the time that you need to decompress, to destress, and keep your perspective. This is a challenge, but I see our community already doing it's best to rise to the occasion. We're already coming together in completely new ways, like through food delivery and take-out options, virtual classes or fundraisers.

I'm still trying to figure out how to manage a work from home position with a toddler on my lap. I'll be honest, it's overwhelming. Time is limited, and more precious than ever. But I still wanted to compile a resource of virtual activities that you can do to keep busy (or just entertained) while we engage in social distancing. I’ll continue to add to this blog page as I discover new ways for us to connect with our community from the comfort of our homes, so check back from time to time. I'm also sharing to the Facebook group page directly with one-time virtual events (like paint n sips and music fests). Take care everyone. And remember, we are #VermontStrong.

Arts & Crafts Ideas

  • Chalk The Block or Chalk Your Walk: The idea is simple. Spread some color to brighten things up, and leave a positive message on your driveway, the sidewalk, in front of a neighbors house, etc.. (just keep at a safe distance of course).

  • Bubble Art Activity: If you have some bubble containers and food coloring around the house, than this is a pretty cool and simple art project you could do with your kid.

  • Collect rocks from around your neighborhood and paint them.

  • Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems: every weekday at 1PM, join Mo for some drawing, doodling and writing.

  • Each Sunday from 12-3PM, take a free Staycation Art Lesson online (designed for any level of experience) by Lillian Kennedy.

  • Art for Kids Hub provides YouTube videos with art lessons for kids of all ages.

  • DIY has a large library of hands-on options, with how-to videos that you can try for free for 14 days.


Virtual Storytelling


  • Take an online class or attend a virtual comedy show with the Vermont Comedy Club. You can even check out VCC's Spotify playlist and a coloring book.


  • Listen to local musician/music teacher Buddy Dubay on YouTube.

  • Listen to live streamed music from Mister Chris and Miss Emma on @musicforsprouts on Facebook each weekday at 10am.