Pomeroy Park in Burlington

My first real visit to Pomeroy Park, was a chance visit.

While on our way to a parade, traffic was backed up so far, we knew there was no chance we would catch it. So, instead, we resigned ourselves to our failed mission, grabbed some bagels and coffee, and headed back home. On our way though, was Pomeroy Park, a small neighborhood park on North Street in Burlington. We decided, “Why not? Lets stop for a little bit, and let the little guy run around.” (The little guy is our super active two-year old, who LOVES a good playground.)

I remembered the park immediately, because once upon a time, I used to live close by, and there were always pick-up basketball games in the large court. I remembered then that I even played a (terrible) game there once, with a few friends, when I was still in college.

Basketball Court at Pomeroy Park in Burlington, Vermont

Reflecting back, I never really paid this park much attention, being closely sandwiched between busy residential streets. Plus, the basketball court seemed to take up most of the space. That was all it seemed to offer, and since I was quite awful at basketball (despite all my intramural training in grade school), it quickly slipped from my mind. 

Anyways, now that we’ve ventured down memory lane, I’ll dive right into my review. 

Pomeroy Park is quaint. In “real estate” terms, you might be thinking… small. And yes, it’s small. But I actually found it quaint because it made me feel incredibly nostalgic.

Entrance to Pomeroy Park in Burlington, Vermont

You enter the park through a path lined with tall lamps and benches. It’s well-groomed, and from a distance, appears almost like the perfect place for a casual Sunday stroll. The path curves around the large basketball court, towards a row of tall bushes, and then a short little path toward… a playground!

Pomeroy Park Playground in Burlington, Vermont

I lived close by for so many years, and had never noticed the playground! When we entered the playground, partially concealed behind the row of bushes, it was quickly apparent that the equipment came from various time periods. And this is where the “quaint” comes in.

Is it the 1980’s in here? I’m ready to rock!

While you ordinarily might want the best and brightest when it comes to your playground, I immediately felt the giddy joy of my toddler at the site of the frog and horse rockers. My toddler could have cared less about the age and condition, and I was ecstatic to see these throwback pieces from my childhood.

A big kid and a little kid on one old frog.

The playground, given it’s age, might have limited appeal for older kids. But the young ones, I imagine, would be plenty entertained.

There was one thing that stopped our visit short. Mosquitos! It’s been a really wet Spring, so that shouldn’t be a great surprise. Still… fair warning if you venture here for a visit; consider bringing bug spray.

I should note that Pomeroy park does not provide designated parking, so you’ll need to find a spot on the street. We didn’t have an issue, but I’m sure there are times where this would prove difficult.

Looking for more information on Pomeroy Park? Visit the Burlington Parks, Recreation and Waterfront website. And check out the Busy Btown parks or playgrounds pages for other ideas on local places to visit in Chittenden County.