Davis Park in Shelburne

Today was the warmest day in 2019 (so far), and I took full advantage by spending the bulk of the day outside. As one of my adventures today, I decided to visit a park I’d never been to before — Davis Park. 

Davis Park is located in Shelburne, at 344 Harbor Road. Park facilities include picnic tables, restrooms, and tennis courts. What really drew me to Davis Park, was the natural playground. I loved the idea, but needed to see it for myself.

First, I should forewarn that my GPS directed me past the park, and towards Waldorf, which is located on the right. The park is located on the left side of the road though, and the tennis courts are visible from the road. There is a half circle drive you can park in, or the Shelburne Community School is right next door and also has parking.

The natural playground and picnic tables are located to the left of the tennis courts. There is a small swingset, with one swing for toddlers, another for the big kids (or adults). Behind that is a short stairwell built into the hill, bringing you to the top of a small, green slide (also built into the hill. Beyond that is a small pit to the left, which had some toy trucks left in it (my son was VERY excited about this…I mean, who would leave behind their super cool toy trucks!?).

Also beyond the slide and to the right, is a rock climbing wall, built into the hill. The size of this was perfect for little kids. It had enough rocks to climb to be entertaining, without being too dangerous.

There were also a few spots that seemed to be intentionally designed for social play or communicating. This included a semi-circle ring lined with tree stumps, and carefully laid rocks that I imagine would make a great spot for young ones to picnic.

If you’re really looking to picnic though, there’s a nice little covered pavilion for shade. This is really best suited for one picnic table, so I imagine there are times of the year where this is hard to come by. Still, if you’re lucky enough to snag it, it seemed relatively inviting being clean (and possibly new).

Overall, Davis Park is a great location for a small group of little ones. My son is two, and enjoyed it. But we did bring his balance bike, and he spent most of his time exploring the property on wheels. I suspect older kids would be quite bored. If you have a little one at home, or if you’re really into tennis, this would be a great spot for a short day visit.